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Case Studies

Here are some brief examples of what sort of services and solutions we can offer.

Case Study 1: Remote Support for an individual user.

Problem: Customer with limited IT support experience and little time, required support to keep their system running and secure.

Solution: We monitor and patch the customer's Window PC and anti-virus system, keeping it secure and up to date.  We provide both phone, email and remote login support, while monitoring the machine for preventable disasters.

The customer chose to only have remote services to keep the costs low (less than £200/annum).  They get in return professional IT support when needed.

Case Study 2: Camera club PCs

Problem: Camera club requires specific machines to produce quality award winning photographic work

Solution: We carefully work with Camera club members, discuss their needs, cite example configurations which have worked for other members of the club and cover the transition from often older systems, to modern powerful machines, hopefully with solutions for peripherals and older software still working.

Case Study 3: Biotech company situated on 2 continents

Problem: Company has offices in Manchester, France, Germany and China, email and serious amounts of video need to be sent securely across the world for leading edge research.

Solution: A company network with remote access, remote email, VPN capabilities and use of high capacity RDX cartridges was used. Remote support was provided internationally via remote login, email and phone support. Machines were specified and configured to enable travelling staff to get to data which ever country they were in.

Case Study 4: Company has 2 factories in Cheshire and Yorkshire which needed to communicate seemlessly

Problem: Company had 2 factories in Cheshire and Yorkshire which needed to communicate and use proprietary software systems which ran their factory production.

Solution: We designed a site to site VPN with servers and routers in Cheshire and Yorkshire. We liaised with the proprietary software vendors and were there to aid in installation at both sites. We now continue to pro actively monitor the installations at either location, the multiple backup systems, servers, the two networks and the mix of machines from 20 year old CNC cutter controllers to modern high end graphics workstations.

Case Study 5: Single user upgrade with a difference

Problem: User had old XP system which they wanted to run faster, as well as use older software and a scanner which was not Windows 7 compatible.

Solution: We provided a modern machine with Windows 7 professional, but rebuilt their old Windows XP machine as a virtual machine to run inside windows 7. All their old software worked as before, with a click of a window they could be back running a modern fast windows 7 desktop.

Case Study 6: School Secondary Support role

Problem: School required support to help migration from old network to newer Server 2008 architecture, with help and sickness cover for on-site IT manager.

We provided on-site callout technicians, remote support service and technical liaison with other IT providers to work alongside school staff. We also tested software and technique rollouts on our test networks before they were applied in the live school environment.