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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Remote Support for an individual user.


Customer with limited IT support experience and little time, required support to keep their system running and secure.


We monitor and patch the customer's Windows PC and anti-virus system, keeping it secure and up to date.  We provide both phone, email and remote login support, while monitoring the machine for preventable disasters.

The customer chose to only have remote services to keep the costs low (£18/month).  They get in return professional IT support when needed.

In addition many single users also implement office365 which allows synchronised communications and interaction from tablets, PCs, Macs and smartphones

Case Study 2: Camera club PCs


Camera club requires specific machines to produce quality award winning photographic work


We carefully work with Camera club members, discuss their needs, cite example configurations which have worked for other members of the club and cover the transition from often older systems, to modern powerful machines, hopefully with solutions for peripherals and older software still working.  We design on-going backup solutions (usually utilising removable hard disks) to keep the valuable photos in two separate locations should disaster strike.

Case Study 4: 2 factories one set of people.


Company has 2 factories in Cheshire and Yorkshire which need to communicate and use proprietary software systems which run their factory production.


We designed a site to site VPN with servers and routers in Cheshire and Yorkshire. We liaised with the proprietary software vendors and were there to aid in installation at both sites. We now continue to pro-actively monitor the installations at either location, the multiple backup systems, servers, the two networks and the mix of machines from 20 year old CNC cutter controllers to modern high end graphics workstations.

Now both ends of the VPN are based on new fibre and leased lines, communication is fast removing the need for journeys between factories by the design team.

Isolation of older systems from the web has been implemented for security and compliance.

Case study 4: Planning for disaster works


Company walked in Monday morning to find building next door had been demolished taking phone lines with it and leaving a 50m air gap. BT took 1 month to repair as multiple phone lines had been removed.


Email backup routes automatically kicked in preventing loss of company email. We configured a 4G of the shelf router to interface wiith the onsite modem restoring communication to 15+ users. This was implemented same day of the disaster discovery.

Since the disaster further offsite recovery has been put in place such as server mirroring in the cloud and 15 minute incremental backups of server data.

The landlord has also promised to inform the company about any further demolition plans.

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