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Consumer Services

Based in Hazel Grove

We have been running our servicing and retail shop in Hazel Grove since 1999

Based on a small industrial estate, we have the space to operate both as a repair shop and a small office (for our business support).

We don't just sell IT equipment we support it afterwards. So if you get equipment from us you get:

  • Free technical tips helping with frequent problems and questions.
  • Free Phone support for simple questions, (chargeable for extensive help).
  • Us dealing with warranty issues for you, including backing up your data before any repairs sent to a manufacturer.

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Drop in services

We can usually look at a problem bought in to us immediately on our drop in test bench.

Anything not fixable immediately can be taken up to our workshop where we have carefully documented servicing checklists to fix problems in a structured and optimised way.


  • Provision (sale) of PCs fully patched configured and ready to go.
  • Virus and Malware removal and prevention.
  • Full computer servicing
  • Operating system re-installations
  • Computer optimisation.
  • Software based data recovery
  • Data and email transfers, old PCs to new
  • Personalised emails with local addresses.
  • A full range of backup solutions, from pen drives, hard disks to cloud solutions.
  • System hardware upgrades.

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Onsite Services

While many PC repairs and servicing is better in a controlled workshop enviroment, there are jobs that can or need to be done with onsite visits.


  • Onsite installation of PCs connecting to internet services.
  • Onsite setup of printers, scanners webcams etc
  • Broadband Internet Connection setup (ADSL/Cable).
  • Home Working design and setup.
  • Virus and Malware removal and prevention.
  • Computer optimisation and mini-servicing.
  • Home user training.
  • Personalised emails with local addresses.
  • Wireless network design and installation.
  • Setting up backup systems.
  • Pick up and return of equipment.
  • Data and email transfers from one system to another.

For consumer work locally we charge £60 inc. VAT per hour, minimum charge 1 hr.

Remote Services and service plans

Ever wanted to call on your own IT support department.

We provide this service for businesses but also to single users at home.

The basis is that we monitor and maintain systems and are available to help should you have any questions or anything goes wrong.

In the age of fraud and security concerns having IT pros you can trust at the end of the phone or helping you remotely is a great help.

Pricing starts from just £18 inc VAT a month, that equates to 59p a day.

If this is of interest please have a look at our support options page.

We also provide remote support on a pay as you go basis, so rather than us visit you or you bringing the machine to us, we remote log on your systems and help with the issue.

Check out our remote control page for details and give us a call.

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